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Monday, 4 June 2012

Discovered, by J.Lilley

     Hello there, boy do I have a treat for you today!  I am joined by author J.Lilley to discuss her new release. For those of you who are not familiar with J.Lilley’s work, she is an author for Young Adult fiction, and Discovered is her debut release. 
     Hello Mrs Lilley. It’s so good to have you here today.  How are you?

     I'm fine thank you and very pleased to be here. Well is fine the right word? Scared, nervous, no nails left, and very excited about this series. Hey please call me Jo, If you call me Mrs, I feel like my mum, because I write under my maiden name.

     Lol you know I spent ages wondering which salutation to use.  I could hear my Gran’s voice saying “Remember your manners,” hence Mrs Lilley. Jo it is J

     I hope the nerves subside for a mo, because I really want to talk about the Shalean series. Now, there is a lovely true tale to the birth of Discovered, would you like to tell everyone?

     Well a good friend of mine was looking for a shifter book for her daughter's birthday. She couldn't find one she liked, so in a moment of madness I said I'd write one. And The Shalean Moon was born. Of course my heroine is called Rach, after Rachael, the birthday girl. I mentioned it to a publisher, who asked to read it, said he wanted it, but it had to be twice as long and he wanted a series. So here we are. Rach has her books.

      That’s such a lovely idea, writing a story for a friend's daughter.  I bet that made her day.  How does she feel about the book going to print?

     She's over the moon, because there are six books and they will all be out in print as well as on eBook.

     Oh wow! So Rachael will be able to hold her very own book.  I have to say that I am a tad bit envious of having such a truly unique birthday present.

     Before I go completely to mush, let’s move back on to the book.  Shall we take a look at the blurb?

     I hope you think it’s interesting!

     When Rach moved to Scotland she knew there would be changes. She hadn't expected them to be quite so dramatic. Not only was there a new house, new school and new friends, there was also a secret to discover.

     Brios Parde was a Patriarch in waiting. When the powerful leopard shifter senses a new Shalean he is amazed to discover it's the new girl. All his senses tell him Rach will be important to him.

     However the Rogues try to destroy the budding relationship. Will Rach decide to side with Brios or help stage an uprising?

     Wow very intriguing, I can’t wait to read it.  When is it being released?

     It was released on June 1st in eBook, print is almost with us.

     And you can buy it from? www.lycaonpress.com www.amazon.com www.amazon.co.uk  

     Now we have a real treat for you, just to tempt you a little more.  Here is a little bit from J.Lilley’s Discovered:

Rach felt an electric zap up her arm. She couldn't figure out what was going on; why Brios was looking at her the way he was.

'Can you hear me?'

Argh, why do I keep thinking I hear voices in my head? Dad definitely has to stop this foraging lark.

He might think it was fun to go and collect blackberries and mushroom and things that grew wild, but Rach could still remember the time the mushrooms sent her all giggly and silly, and gave her weird and wonderful thoughts—like now. Dad said they were magic mushrooms and he hadn’t meant to pick them, but she had a feeling he’d made the same mistake again.

'You can hear voices Rach—my voice. It’s me! Look at me Rach.'

"Brios? What …" She didn’t know what to say, how did you ask someone if they were messing about with your mind?’

"It’s a gift, and it’s not messing." At least that was real and out loud.

"Um, what do you mean?" Rach asked cautiously, not really sure she wanted to hear his explanation.

"I can send messages to you."


But, Brios looked sane, like a normal, hot-bod boy in a boring school uniform. But shoot—his face was solemn and he didn’t look as if he was ready for the funny farm.

She began to fumble with the door handle.

'I’m sane, stop worrying.'

"Hells bells Brios, what the heck is this all about? How can I hear you when you’re not speaking?"

"It’s complicated. It's a gift given to certain people. Who can project and receive thoughts."

 Rach thought about that. She figured she'd just smile and go along with it; just until she was back at school and away from him. One day she might just listen to her dad!

Then she looked closely at his face and realized he wasn't joking.

'Believe it Rach.'

Oh great! One more reason not to like it up here; a mind reading hottie … Ahh!

"So, I can hear you, or whatever you call it? Can you hear me?’ Brios nodded with a smile, and Rach felt her face go red. "Oh shit."

Brios laughed out loud at that. Rach felt like hitting him. What if there was something in it? Did that mean she had to not think anything even slightly dodgy? She waited for some smart-ass comment to fill her mind, but nothing did.

"So, er, you don’t sense everything I say then?" She really wanted to know the answer to that.

To her relief, Brios shook his head.

"Rach I would never do that, it goes against our creed."


To her disappointment, Brios looked at his watch and groaned. "Look we’ve got to get back to school. Rach, there's so much I need to ask, to tell you about … to explain. We need to meet up somehow. You tell me how and when, and I’ll be there."

     And if that isn’t enough… take a look at this amazing cover…

     I can’t wait to read the book and find out what happens next!  Jo, I wish you all the best with book sales.  Perhaps you will come back and discuss the next Shalean release?
     I'd love to. If anyone has any questions please feel free to email me on jlilleyauthor@hotmail.co.uk or via my author page j lilley author on Faceboook. I'm on twitter @jlilleyauthor and I have a blog, www.jlilleyauthor.blogspot.com When I get to 50 followers I'll do a giveaway.
     It has been an absolute pleasure having you join me today.  Thank you so much for coming over.
     Thank you, I'm so pleased to have been invited. If anyone has enjoyed this book, then book 2   Renounced is up for pre-order and will be out on July 6th. These two along with book 3 Accepted, will be available in print any day now.
     Ooh, I have the cover for the series for that too.  Take look…

     Here is the blurb for Renounced and Accepted, book two and three.
     Donny and Leira had known each other for ever.
     But Leira is not prepared to let Donny decide her fate for her. She will chose her mate and it's not that annoying leopard. However, when danger closes in all around them, threatening the very heart of Shalea, Leira has a decision to make.
     Donny has always known Leira was the one for him. Convincing her is another matter. When his loyalties are tested and danger abounds, can he stand back and let Leira chose for herself?
     Will they have a future together?
     Andy is Shalean and in love with a human, but had no idea how to make such a relationship work.
     Sam has no idea that Shalean exists, only that he is fed up waiting for Andy to make the most move. Overjoyed to find his feelings reciprocated Sam starts seeing strange things.
     Something is afoot and Andy seems right in the middle of it.
     What Sam discovers rocks him to the core. But he is determined to fight for their chance of happiness. Human he may be, but as long as Andy wants him, they can face anything, can't they?
     How about that!  Remember, Discovered is available NOW from the links above, and don’t forget to check our J.Lilley’s blog and web site for more release dates.
     Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you visit again soon.
Take care
xXx J.P. Stevens x Xx

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