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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Sexy Snippets - Behind The Make-up

Can you believe it's that time again? Of course you can, that's why you came back right :-)

This week I am taking my seven sentences from another WIP called behind the Make-up.  I hope you like it:

“You wear nothing under dresses to perform in?”

Elizabeth gave him her best innocent girl look before she pulled the pins out of her hair, allowing her chocolate locks to cascade down her back.

“Oh my god, you’re a little minx,” He replied before pulling himself forward on the edge of the couch, took hold her of hips and sucked her nub into his mouth. The shock and pleasure of his actions made her cry out. She tangled her finger into his hair, gripping harder as he delved deeper into her. Her enjoyment filled his mouth.

“I want you,” she whispered.

Guff’s muffled chuckle into her wetness heightened her arousal.
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J.P. Stevens

Friday, 27 September 2013

Flash Fiction Friday - No Artist

Hello again. Gosh these weeks are flying by.  Can you believe it is Friday already?  I have another little treat for you this week. As always 100 words to the picture. However, I catastrophically failed this week coming in at 121.  I hope you like it.

This is the picture we were all given and it was taken from Stockvault:

So here is my little bit:

Kat couldn’t draw, but that wasn’t going to stop her. She sat on the floor in her see-through nightgown pretending to look artistic.  She scribbled something over his canvas and then placed it to the side as she seductively bent her leg up and pretended she was trying to get a better perspective on his naked body.

He saw the picture and burst out laughing.

“Oh god you really are shit,” he said between chuckles.

She threw the pencil at him.

“You could at least try to help me.”

He moved over to her and kissed his way up her leg.

“You need to feel the person you’re drawing,” he added for effect, with clear intentions written all over his face.

I hope you like my flash today. Don't forget there are many other authors taking part, so why not stop by their blogs. Trust me it might be the same picture, but the outtake is always diverse.


That's all I have for today, so until next week, take care.

J.P. Stevens

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Tantalizing Tuesday - Sun Set

Hello, how are you? Thanks for stopping by again.

It is Tantalizing Tuesday, and as always I have a new pic and 200 words.  This is the pic I have chosen for you this week:


This picture was taken from the following website:


So here is my 202 words:

The sea was calm and the air tranquil as the setting sun burnt its last rays onto the side of my body. We sat on top of the water edge with the gentile lul of the sea lapping seductively against the side of the rocks. We talked about everything. The weather, his work, my work and he listened to every word I said, taking it all in as if I was the most important person in the world. He made me laugh so much my sides hurt. When he talked I found myself being pulled in and hanging off every word he said.

‘Is this what a true connection felt like?’

A Seagull few into the sun’s light as we were momentarily plunged into darkness. ‘Was it that late already?’

“I know, we’ve only just met, but I’ve had the best night tonight.”

His honest words cut deep, mirrored by my own feelings. I didn’t want to say good bye.

“Can I see you again?”

Why I felt like a school girl is beyond me, but his simple request made me smile so much my cheeks felt the strain.  I sat up and moved closer to him.

“I’d like that a lot”
Hope you liked this weeks tantaliser.  I'll be back next week with another, but in the mean time, why don't you check out all the other authors participating.


Until next week, take care.
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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sexy Snippets - Magic on Valentines

Hello, thanks so much for stopping by. It is Sexy Snippets time again :-)

Last week I promised you a snippet from a publish piece I did.  The book itself is called With Love from Val and Tyne and was an anthology written by a group of fantastic Authors from a critique group, I am lucky enough to belong to. This is the cover.

So without further ado, here are my seven sentences taken from my short story, Magic on Valentines:

“I went to a dress shop to buy this dress for tonight.  The men that served me said their names were Val and Tyne.  I hadn’t actually made the connection until now. Anyway, they said this dress would make my dreams come true, all I had to do was make a wish and…” 

She stopped and looked him directly in his eyes.  She needed to see his reaction as she spoke.  He raised his eyebrows in question, waiting for her to continue.  “…And I wished for you.”
If I have tempted you enough to want to read more, you can still download the book for FREE at the following site:
Sadly that is all for my snippets today, but you can read more from all the other authors participating at:
 Until next week, take care.

J.P. Stevens

Friday, 20 September 2013

Flash Fiction Friday - It Isn't Fair

Hello again, can you believe another week has gone by already?  So it's Flash time again and this week the picture is a little different. I must admit I am finding it quite hard to stick to the word count of 100. This week I have gone over by 7, so please forgive me.


Life could be so vicious at times. Just when you think everything is going well, something happens. Life throws you a curve ball, and if you didn’t move fast enough, it hits you – hard! That’s what happened me. I had just got the part for the lead in Swan Lake. It was every ballerina’s dream come true. I had worked my whole life for an opportunity this big, and I finally got it. Then I stuffed it up. One night. That’s all it took.


Natalie crossed her arms over the back of the chair and looked down at the little plastic indicator. Yep, she was definitely pregnant.

I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did writing this.

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So until next week, take care.

J.P. Stevens

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Tantalizing Tuesday - Life or Death

Good day to you all, and thanks for stopping by again.  This is where I choose a picture and then write 200 words inspired by said picture. I am pleased to say I hit the 200 mark on the head. :-)

So this is my picture this week.

Ever been in a position where the whole of your life depends on your next move? I have. I’m at that point right now. I look to my left. The long train line running straight with trees hiding it from the rest of the world. I watch the leaves blowing in the breeze.

How I ache for my purpose to be so simple, yet so vital. Without the trees, there could be little life. Except without me. Well life would just go on. Someone might be sad for a while, but they’ll get over it, move on. Sadly in time, they will forget.

I look the other way, the view almost a mirror to the other side. It’s so quiet. Then a bird chirps at the top of the tree in front of me. Another one off in the distance answers its call. Life, can it really be this simple?

I listen out for the faint hiss to come from the tracks. Nothing. That’s just typical. I step closer to the track to make certain. There’s nothing coming. I look to the sky, “give me a sign,” I beg. I wait for a reply. Nothing but the birds. No train.
Well that's it from me, I hope you enjoyed this. Don't forget to leave a comment and stop by at all the other authors participating.
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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Sexy Snippets - Alana

Hello and welcome back to Sexy Snippets,. I hope you are relaxing this Sunday. 

I am going to do another snippet from my current WIP, which now has a name.  Book one of The Sworn Protectors is called Allana.

She has a supernatural power of being able to control the minds of animals and communicate with them with her mind.  With such a power, other super natural's, such as animal shifters, have tried to eradicate her species. They almost succeeded. Her mother and brother were killed when she was 11 and since then she has been living away from her father in the hope that her identity will be hidden.

That is until now.  She is a grown woman living in the New Forest, where she works as a conversationalist.  She has been part of a projected to re-introduce wolves back into the wild.

Here is my inspiration of Alana.

Angie Harmon.

Anyway, onto my snippet.

Naked, but for her matching white panties, Nick turned her against the wall.  He kissed her neck as he cupped her breast.  He loved the sound of her sharp intake of breath as he teased her nipple between his fingers.  He directed his kissed down to her breast as he helped himself to a mouthful. Alana moaned as his teeth grazed her nipples and his long, hard length pushed against her moist panties.  She lifted one leg allowing him to move against her, as her breathing became deeper and irregular.  The heat of passion made their skin glisten as Alana gripped Nick's hips and pulled them against her.
They both moaned out as the tip of his shaft pushed into her wetness slightly. 

So there you have, my seven sexy sentences. I hope you enjoyed them.

Next week I will be bringing you some sentences from a published piece of work, but until then, take care.

J.P. Stevens

Friday, 13 September 2013

Flash Fiction Friday - The One

Welcome back to Flash Fiction Friday, and yes I have another super picture to tease you with.  Same rules as last week, only 100 words.  I won't make you wait any longer, so here it is.

Matt was still in mid swing to face the door, when she walked in. It was her hair that caught his attention first. The colour of fire trailing down her back. Her milky skin and green eyes were enough to capture his attention, and then she smiled. Cute dimples captivated him in a heartbeat.

Matt leaned back on his chair and adjusted himself slightly, before resting his elbow on the arm of the chair, and slowly put a finger to his temple to study her. He let his eyes travel down her body.

‘Oh yes,’ he thought, ‘you will more than do!’

I hope you enjoyed this weeks tease. Don't forget there are many others taking part, so just click on the link below:


Thats all for this weeks flash, so until next week, take care.


Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Tantalizing Tuesday - Alone

Hello again, and welcome to Tantalizing Tuesday. The idea is pretty similar to that of the Flash Fiction Friday, however, I get to choose the picture this time, and also it is 200 words, or as near as. 
So I have chosen a picture from:
So here is my 199 words.
“You don’t understand, I have to get away. I feel like I can’t breath anymore.”
“But Beth, please, I need you.”
She reached out to stroke his face, catching a fallen tear as she did. His heart ached at her touch. “No you don’t, you are strong. You will be fine here without me, you’ll see.”
Matt knew she spoke the truth. He also knew that this was his home. There was no other place for him to belong. He couldn’t say the same for Beth. She had itchy feet for a while now. He had watched as the light in her eyes faded with every day that she was trapped in this small town. Beth was destined for something bigger, always had been, and he knew that better than anyone. This was her one chance to follow her dream. As much as his heart broke, he couldn’t hold her back, he knew she would die inside.
No she had to go. He stood up straight and took a deep breath, taking one last look at her in the stabled they had grown up in. Her loyal horse standing by quietly as if he knew she was leaving too.
I hope you liked the snippet. There are lots more to read, just follow the link below.
See you next week with another pic. Until then, take care.
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Monday, 9 September 2013

Xandra James - Dirty Tricks

Hello again, hope you're well.  Thanks for stopping by today. I have another fantastic author for you to meet, Xandra James.  She is here today talking about her release, Dirty Tricks. This is here cover, so you know what to look for when you purchase your own copy ;-)

I'll leave you in her capable hands.

Thanks for the invite, JP! It's great to be here, today…


I seriously don't like the summer months. I don't like the temperature being hot enough to fry an egg on your forehead, and I don't like clothes sticking to me. I can't stand being too hot at night-time, and I dislike people saying, "Hot enough for ya?" On the off chance I hadn't noticed my shoes melting to the pavement.

Maybe I could tolerate this when I was a kid, but now that I'm older and a whole lot grumpier, I can't.

This year in the UK, it's been a hot summer indeed. And I've grumbled something chronic. Both me and the hubby are Autumn/Winter bugs, and would much prefer to wrap up, than to strip down (especially when the neighbours might catch a glimpse of us … lol).

So, when it came to writing Dirty Tricks, the heroine—Catherine—was definitely inspired by me. The story is set in a British heat-wave, when tempers are frayed just a little bit more than usual, and you're sick of the bugs dive-bombing you every five seconds.

It was a fun story to write, and I really hope you enjoy it. It'll be coming out very soon—sign up for my new release newsletter on my website—or keep an eye out for it in all good e-retailers!

You can find me on my website, on Facebook and on Twitter. Come and say hi!

Here's the long blurb for Dirty Tricks…


She wanted revenge

Finding out her grandmother was screwed out of her family home years before, Cat's determined to put things right and she'll do anything to make the owner pay—even tricking everybody into thinking she's the resident ghost of the manor to slow the renovation! But meeting Jay, the man who's been hired to get the build back on track, she needs to decide if her happiness lives in the past, or if she just needs to throw herself at her happily ever after….

He wanted her

After his father died, leaving him the old manor house, all Jay wants to do is fix it, flip it, and make a profit. But the cute bombshell next door is messing with his plans, and he wants to get to the bottom of why she's so obsessed with stopping the manor's progress. As the teasing games between them turn serious, guilt consumes him for not telling her his true identity. Will Cat see that he's the man for her, regardless of who his father was? Or are family ties just too strong?
Thanks for joining us Xandra. All the best for the book.
I hope you all enjoyed that little snippet. I'll be back soon with another author soon. Until then, take care.
J.P. Stevens

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Sexy Snippets

Happy Sunday, you know what that means... Yep Sexy Snippets :-)

Again my seven sentences are taken from my current WIP:

He stepped back from the counter and slid off his jacket.  Alana watched, swallowing slowly as he unbuttoned his shirt.  He glanced up at her face, eyes locking on hers as he grinned back at her.  Alana knew his eyes held a challenge, daring her to watch.  The fact he undressed seductively and she was enjoying watching him was an added a bonus.  As he peeled off his shirt, Alana noted how much his body had grown since they were younger.  Nick’s torso was hard, rippled with muscles and covered in silky smooth skin.

I have to say the thought of Nick right now has me smiling. I hope he has the same effect on you.

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Join me back here next Sunday, until then, take care.


Friday, 6 September 2013

Flash Fiction Friday

Hello again. I know nothing for a whole year, then all of a sudden I'm coming at you from all angles lol.

Today is my first attempt at Flash Fiction Friday. This is where we are given a picture and have to write 100 words about it. Sounds easy right? Well I have to say when I saw this picture, words where jumping about in my head and my fingers were twitching, so I had to write. What came out was a little surprising to be honest. But that is the hole point of this exercise, to write what you see.

Here is the picture:

Hot picture right. well here is my 100 words:

I sat there on the cool floor in front of the mirror. A welcome contrast to my hot body. My finger caught between my teeth as I fought the urge to fulfil my desire. My silk nightdress clung to my breast, teased my erect nipples as I breathed. My wet pussy begging for me to be brave. Unable to fight the urge any longer, my finger fell from my mouth, slid down my nightdress as I parted my thighs. The sight of my reflection spurred me on as my hand took that final stroke towards my warm swollen folds.
Well there you have it, my first Flash Fiction Friday, I hope you have enjoyed reading as much as I did writing.  Please leave a comment, I would love to hear from you.

There are lots of other people taking part, so why not pop along and read theirs. Just follow the link below: 
Join me next week for more.
Until then, take care

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Sexy Snippets

Hello and welcome to Sexy Snippets.  This is my first time so allow me to explain what we do.  I have to choose seven sentences, that are sensual or sexy from either a published piece of work, or my current WIP (work in progress). Then I post them up every Sunday for your pleasure.

So today's sentences are from my current WIP. As yet it doesn't have a name, but I will let you know when it does.

The story is about a wolf shifter Nick, who has been sworn to protect an endangered species of super naturals. Alana is the last generation of her kind with a rare talent of controlling the minds of animals, including shifters. Needless to say they want to irradiate her kind.

I hope you like the sentences I have chosen for you today.

Gently Nick turned her head back to face him and he took another step closer to her.  Their body's met with the rise of their chest as they breathed.  The atmosphere was much calmer, as if time itself was slowing down.  Nick kept his eyes on Alana as he moved his face closer to hers, her eyes slowly closing in response to his gesture.  He waited a moment to see if she would pull away, but she didn't.  Now he understood why she got so upset. She was just as attracted to him as he was to her. 
Their lips met, soft and lightly as Alana took that final step to close the gap between their bodies. 

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