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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Thursday Tasters - Yoseph

Hello and welcome to Thursday Tasters.

This is where I get to share 400 words of my current work in progress, so here goes.

I am currently working on two manuscripts, but today I am sharing a snippet from Yoseph, which is the follow on from my first publication Alana.
 This is unedited, so bare with me.

Ayasha pulled her T-Shirt out from the waistline of her jeans and pulled it off over her head. Then she toed off her shoes and wriggled her jeans down her thighs. The anger that was bubbling in the pit of her stomach rose up another notch and thoughts of Joe. The one man she wanted. The one man she couldn’t have.
Ayasha flicked her head back, her long black hair slapped her back as it connected. Then her body started its painful transformation. Her fingers shrank back and into paws at the same time as her nose and mouth stretched into a muzzle. The shoulder joints and hip joints clicked out of socket as she got down on all fours, and then realigned themselves. He body sprouted thick black glossy hair that shimmered blue in the sunlight. The pain of the transformation was over. Now she could run off her anger. She had repress the desire to howl out. Joe would hear it and there was no way her grandmother would approve of her showing him what she really was.
She ran flat out on all fours trying to shift her thoughts from her mind. Even in wolf form she still thought of Joe. Ayasha weaved in and out of the trees and she made her way to the lake. She could smell the fresh water and hear the trickling of the stream in the distance. The trees thinned out and she could just about make out Joe sitting by the wooden shack fixing the hole in the fishing net. Her grandfather was nowhere to be seen.
Joe was hunched over, his brown curly hair blew in the breeze and his eyes squinted in the sun. Stubble covered his jaw that was held tight in concentration. The white T-Shirt he wore was tight against his chest, showcasing his rippled abs. With her gazed fixed on Joe, she hadn’t notice the transformation back to her human self.
Joe looked in her direction and she did her best to hide behind the bush. She wasn’t sure if he had noticed her, but thought it would be best to walk away quickly.
I hope you enjoyed the snippet. Ill be back next week with a little more.
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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Sexy Snippets - Behind The Makeup

Welcome back to Sexy snippets. So lovely of you to stop by again.

This weeks seven sentences are from Behind the Makup, which is now available for pre order.

So here is another snippet:

She moaned in pleasure, which resonated in his crotch. He fought the urge to strip her bare. Tonight he needed to show her that she mattered. That she was beautiful, but most importantly what she meant to him.

Beth screeched when Gareth scooped her up into his arms.

“What are you doing?

“Well, I would have thought that was plain obvious,” he said as he climbed the stairs.

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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Sexy Snippets - Behind The Makeup

Hello and welcome back to sexy snippets.


This week’s seven sexy sentences are from my up-coming release Behind The Makeup, which is due for release on 5th May.

Here are my sentences:

His heart picked up speed and he knew it was now or never. He leaned slowly towards her, as he looked at her for a sign from her to stop. It didn’t come, so he continued. He touched her lips lightly with his. The connection made his blood pump faster and he felt light-headed with the taste of her. He felt her fingers in his hair as she deepened the kiss and pulled him closer. His hands cupped her face as he pulled back to kiss her neck. His body wanted hers, but he fought back and tried to gain control.


“Wait. Stop.”


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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Peri Elizabeth Scott - His Rebel Countess

Hello and welcome to another Author take over. Today I am joined by one of SirenBookstrands Historical Romance Author, Peri Elizabeth Scott. I will leave you in her very capable hands.

[BookStrand Historical Romance, HEA]

Oliver Birmingham, Earl of Leith, is an aristocrat—albeit socially minded—and in the market for a bride. Beautiful, intelligent Abigayle Windsor is a commoner, one the Earl is impossibly drawn to, and when he accidentally compromises her, he insists they wed.

Despite her misgivings, Abby agrees to marry Oliver and their honeymoon lays the foundation for a loving, wonderful marriage. But back in London, Oliver is again the Earl, and Abby finds herself adrift and uncertain, unable to fit in, and she garners considerable attention from the gentlemen of the ton.

Frustrated with Abby’s apparent refusal to adapt, and driven wild with jealousy he refuses to acknowledge, Oliver disciplines his bride one fateful night. He then decrees that if she won’t act the part of his Countess, providing him heirs will suffice, and effectively breaks her heart.

Have Oliver’s actions cost him Abby’s love? Or can he leave his father’s influence behind, and make it up to her?



No matter how she cajoled, Mr. Landbourne wouldn’t be convinced to share anything with her, other than his information was relevant to a bill being discussed in Parliament on the morrow. He insisted it wasn’t for the ears of ladies, no matter if this lady had her husband’s ear as she implied, and Abby’s mood soured by the minute. Her curiosity ran rampant as well.

Thomas brought refreshments—tea and pastries. Nothing stronger to give the impression the small gathering was anything more than innocent. And he left the door wide open, his shadow passing by frequently. Belatedly, Abby came to the conclusion that entertaining Edwin might not have been the best choice. She wished for Oliver to hurry home.

Be careful what you wish for. The ominous words filled her head as the front door opened and closed, loud in the quiet of the house, followed by a murmur of voices. Her husband’s large frame filled the doorway, incredulity a dire mask on his features before he composed them. Abby chilled to the bone in the face of it. “My lady. Landbourne.”

His freezing tone didn’t totally hide the bubbling fury in his voice. Abby intuited that Oliver was in a towering rage such as she’d never witnessed, and instinctively stood to insert herself between him and Edwin, who was also on his feet and babbling anxiously.

“Leave. Now.” Where was the Earl of Leith, that paragon of manners and proper behavior? The Earl of Hauteur? Mr. Landbourne obviously looked for him too, going pale and blinking frantically. His lips flapped but nothing intelligible emerged.

Then this new Oliver set her aside, merely grasping her upper arms and lifting her clear to set her away from them, before bearing down on the inoffensive Edwin. Twisting the youth’s arm up behind his back, Oliver frogmarched him out of the room before her astonished eyes, ignoring his pleas. The sounds of a scuffle diminished, then she distinctly heard the slamming of the entry. Thomas dashed in to widen his eyes at her, and tried to say something, only to retreat, as with a measured tread, Oliver gained the room again and crossed to loom over her. Had he always been so tall?

“What were you thinking?” His intimidating near growl frightened her but also sparked her temper, a faint hint of guilt fueling the fire.

“I beg your pardon?” She too could sound icy and forbidding, having been schooled by some of the best in the ton, and Oliver’s eyes flashed in response.

“Entertaining Edwin Landbourne. When you were unwell, too ill to attend the Dowager Duchess’s ball. The event of the season and one extremely important to my status in Parliament. I would have thought you’d hope to showcase your considerable charms to a wider audience.”

The attack on her reputation was the final straw. She’d had enough. Damn his status. And damn his insinuations. What about their marriage? What about her? If Oliver chose not to hear Mr. Landbourne out then it wasn’t her place to tell him the young man had come to share information perhaps very relevant to tomorrow’s day in Parliament. To her husband’s oh-so-precious duty.

“There is nothing to say. And certainly nothing to defend. I have no interest in those balls and parties and soirees you insist upon. I have no interest in any part of this social life you have thrust me into, using me to further your political interests! That you no longer even share with me! I have no interest in being your wife.”

A horrible stillness settled over Oliver, and the difference in him became even more pronounced. He somehow grew taller, his shoulders wider, and the very flesh on his cheekbones thinned to give him a cruel, finely etched appearance. She barely recognized him. His next words flayed her, delivered in such a silky tone it nearly masked the venom.

“But you are my wife, Abigayle. My countess. And as my wife you will take my direction and advice and obey me henceforth. Without negotiation. Without complaint or protest, or pay a very dear price for defying me.”

Aghast, she retreated as far as the couch behind her would allow and shook her head. “No. I can’t live like that.”

“Then you leave me no choice.”

Bearing her out of the room with no care to her protests and struggles, he took her to a small room at the end of the hall. Her eye caught the quick movements of the servants and she was mortally embarrassed to be handled in such a way in front of them. What transpired next was something she somehow retreated from in order to deny him further and only consider later when alone again in her room, deposited there by a man she no longer knew, yet was married to and forced to deal with for her lifetime. If only at his time and choosing.

Author Bio:

Peri Elizabeth Scott lives in Manitoba, Canada. She and her husband have a wonderful son, and a houseful of animals. She closed her part time private practice as a social worker and child play therapist to spend more time with her husband. Peri has written for years, mostly short stories and poetry, and reads everything she can lay her hands on. She more recently turned to penning contemporary romance, although has published dark erotica under another pen name.


Sunday, 12 April 2015

Sexy Snippets - Behind The Makeup



Thanks for stopping by today.

I thought I would give you a little sneak preview of my up coming release, Behind The Make up. This is due for release from Sirebookstrand on 5th May. So here are my Sexy Seven Sentences:

She stood up from the sofa and found the zip at the side of her dress. With all this heavy breathing, she found her dress too restrictive. For a second she hesitated under his intense gaze as she remembered what her dress concealed. Then she saw the effect she was having on him rise in his crotch. She undid the zip and pealed herself out of the dress to reveal herself in full form.

She blushed as his mouth opened in shock.
“You wear nothing under dresses to perform in?”

Here is the blurb:

Elizabeth Rhey is a world class singer who has come home to North West London to complete the final dates of her last tour. Then her way word brother gets in trouble with the police again, and she is about ready to wash her hands of him. Only he’s dead. She finds herself caught up in a police investigation, where her past secrets catch up with her. 
Gareth Buchanan is Beth’s bodyguard. It wasn’t his chosen career, just one he landed on after taking a break from the police force. When Beth’s brother is killed and the investigation around his death unravels, he finds himself getting very close to Beth. With a desperate need to protect her, Gareth is forced to confront is own ghost.
Both their lives are turned upside down as they find out who is behind her brother’s death. Can they face their past to find peace for their future?

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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Michelle Roth - When You Were Mine

Hello there and thanks for stopping by. Today I am joined by Michelle Roth with another new release.  And, she is running a competition too. Read and find out more.




[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, spanking, HEA]


When Cora Blanchard said goodbye to Jamie Connolly seven years ago, she knew she'd have to see him again eventually. What she doesn't expect is for all of the old feelings she thought she had let go to come rushing back to the surface. It was as if nothing had changed. Fresh out of a highly publicized train wreck of a relationship, Cora is afraid to trust in those feelings or in herself. She tries to remain friends with him, but she's just fooling herself. There's no way she can be with him and not want more.


The moment that Jamie sees her, he realizes that seven years of silence and two thousand miles haven't changed his feelings. The only thing that has changed is Cora. He sees a sadness in her eyes that was never there before. Just as Jamie is starting to earn her love and her trust, someone threatens to tear them apart forever.


Adult Only Excerpt:


One cup of coffee later, she rolled out her yoga mat in her living room. As she slid effortlessly from pose to pose, she could feel the stress leaving her body. She continued working through her routine until she felt completely loose. When she finally opened her eyes, she jumped a little in surprise. Jamie stood there, coffee cup in hand, wearing nothing but boxers and a smile.


Putting a hand over her heart, she said, “I didn't realize you were there. You scared me.”


Jamie set the cup of coffee he held onto the dining room table and said, “Tell me you're done with that.”


“I'm done with that,” Cora said, wiping a towel over her brow and wresting the ponytail holder out of her hair. As she shook her hair free, she let out a sigh of relief.


“That was,” Jamie said as he walked toward her, “twenty minutes of pure torture, watching that, baby. I had no idea you were that flexible.”


Jamie stood in front of her now, so close that her breasts brushed against his chest. She said, “I didn't even realize you were watching.”


His hand moved up to slide the strap of her tank top off her shoulder. As he lowered his mouth to her skin, he said, “I couldn't help it. That was so fucking sexy.”


Cora tilted her head to the side as his teeth grazed her shoulder. Goose bumps raised on her arms when he cupped her breast through the cotton tank and began to rub his thumb lightly over her nipple. The light touches of his fingers and the barest hint of teeth were driving her absolutely crazy.


“Jamie,” she moaned, when she felt the nip of his teeth against her neck.


He lifted his mouth from her shoulder and tugged her tank top over her head without ceremony. When the cool air swept over her, a fresh wave of goose bumps rose on her skin. She took a final step forward, so that they were pressed together, and pulled his mouth down to hers.


As one kiss melded into another, she let her hands roam the muscles of his back and chest, her nails dragging across his skin. When she finally slipped the waistband of his boxers down and began to stroke him, he said, “Fuck, I love the feel of your hands on my cock.”


Cora slowed the speed of her hand and began to kiss her way down his chest, stopping along the way to run her lips and tongue along the ridges of his stomach. As she settled on to her knees, she asked, “But what about the feel of my mouth on your cock?”


She continued to stroke with one hand as she leaned in to swirl her tongue around the tip of his erection. Licking along the length of it, she flicked her tongue against the sensitive spot just below the head, before she took him fully into her mouth.


One of the hands that had been hanging loosely at his side immediately slid into her hair, gripping it tightly. Cora whimpered around his cock as she felt a flood of arousal between her thighs. She hadn't thought she'd enjoy the slight edge of pain, but the fact that she was dripping with arousal, said otherwise.


Jamie began to rock his hips, thrusting into her mouth. When his hand tightened in her hair, she moaned around him and pressed her thighs together, hoping to alleviate some the throbbing ache.


When she shifted again, and whimpered around his thick cock, Jamie asked, “Is sucking my cock turning you on, Cora? Why don't you play with that pretty pussy for me? Slide those shorts down if you can.”


Cora only hesitated a moment before she moved her hands to slide her shorts down. Once they were at her knees, she wiggled slightly so she wasn't trapped in them.


“That's it,” Jamie groaned. “Spread your thighs, sweetheart. I want to see. Show me how wet you are.”


Needy, Cora dipped her hand between her thighs and held it up. It glistened with her cream.


“Fuck, baby. You're soaked. Rub your clit for me. I wanna see you fall apart.”


Cora moved one hand back up to stroke along his length and slid the other between her thighs. Pressing two fingers inside her aching cunt, she began to rock against her hand as he fucked her mouth. She ground herself against her palm, desperate for any sort of friction on her aching clit.


She wanted to see him lose control. She wanted him feeling as wild and needy as she was. Cora knew just how to make that happen. Moving her hand from around his length, she relaxed her jaw, taking him even deeper into her mouth.


When he nudged the back of her throat, Jamie ground out, “Sweet fucking christ. Just like that.”


As the beginnings of release started, she whimpered around his cock. She shifted her hand and now rubbed tight circles around her throbbing clit. The ache only intensified.


Almost lightheaded, she reached underneath, lightly massaging his balls. When he gritted out, “Oh, fuck. Like that,” and gave her hair another rough tug, she cried out around his cock, release barreling through her like a freight train.


Seconds later he said, “Oh christ, baby. I'm gonna come,” as he erupted in her mouth.


Cora felt the hot liquid hit the back of her throat and continued to swallow until the grip on her hair had loosened slightly. Her body throbbed with release in time with his, but it wasn't nearly enough. Something about this man made her all but insatiable.






In honor of her one year anniversary as an author, Michelle Roth is running a contest. One lucky winner will receive her entire back catalog along with this newest release in electronic format. The contest runs until midnight on April 17th. The winner will be contacted with 48 hours of the contest's close. Enter here:  http://www.michelleroth.net/contest/

Author Bio:
Michelle Roth is a novelist from the Great White North (Toronto, ON). When she’s not disappearing into foreign lands, or making two perfect strangers that she invented fall in love, she’s probably curled up somewhere with a glass of wine and a good book.
In her spare time she is typically hanging out with her awesome boyfriend and their two equally awesome cats. She likes taking road trips to nowhere in particular, cooking elaborate meals then making other people do the dishes, and being nerdy on the internet. Her books are currently available on http://www.bookstrand.com/michelle-roth
Stalker Links:

Twitter: @mroth_author