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Friday, 30 August 2013

Jamie's First Year

Wow! I can't believe nearly a whole year has passed since my son was born. Well I can in some ways, but not in others. Jamie, was born on his due date on 1st September 2012, almost arriving on the 31st August (His granddads birthday). And as usual, I labored over a period of weeks. Turns out he was at an angle so couldn't work his way down enough to get into the active stage. That and the fact my water sac was as tough as chains, even the midwife had trouble rupturing them to start labor off.

I think the funniest bit about his labor was me trying to write about it in between taking puffs of gas and air. I read back on those notes every once in a while a crack up. Here is a little taster. but please remember I was on gas and air...

Labor intense at 4:20

Gas and air focusing everything out 4:29 :-(

This really hurts oh my gosh I sucking ONG gas and and it's is making king me me go realy funny in the head!
I am literally typing out or writing as I labour in Jamie's birth! I must be f***ing mad????
It is so weird that I am consciously writing thing this but my fingers are doing it well after I have written about it.

Well I just fell off the birthing ball!!!

I'll leave it there before I completely embarrass myself :-)

Here is the very first picture we have of him when he was born

So Jamie was born on 1st September 2012 at 19:17 weighing 7lb 3oz. and we were able to go home that night to our other two children.

I took a break from writing on a daily basis as I wanted to focus on my family. I had no idea it would be so long. In that year I have watched my new born baby grow into a toddler, and while part of my heart aches at the loss of the baby (he is the last one), I am lookingforward to the next milestones.

He started taking steps some months ago and is now confidently walking around my house, playing with the dogs bowl (trying to eat her food), banging on the toilet seat, emptying out my kitchen cupboards and driving me insane with his constant want to be in my arms when I am cooking. He says  "cook" over and over again and "See it" because he has an obsession with cooking and preparing food. Well I guess he wasn't named Jamie by mistake :-)

I have taken so many pictures (he is a beautiful boy), so that I can remember as much as possible. I will leave you with a few of my favorite.
Daddy's first cuddle

Joe checking out his bay brother
 Mommy and Daddy having an ogle

 Grandads first cuddle

Nanny's first cuddle

 Outfit courtesy of Uncle Derick

Jamie and his cousin Jessica

His favorite play mat
 The baby massage doll Jamie took a shine too

 Wearing daddy's cap

First ice-cream cone
A much needed bath after playing with cornflour for the first time

Mmm home made profiteroles

Yeay bark chip lol

Think he is a sleep? lol

Jamie walking outside with his walker toy

Happy birthday Mr Monkey Moo. May all your life be filled with love and laughter xxxx

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