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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Sexy Snippets - Borrowed Times Part Two

Hello, and welcome back to this weeks sexy snippet.  I thought I would pick up from where we left off last week.  So here are my seven sentences.

He was slow, teasing as he kissed her as softly as the water fell. It was like magic, caught somewhere between sense and sensibility, where nothing else mattered he felt her let herself go. 

Her heart beating faster she pulled him closer and kissed him deeper. So in tune with what she wanted he gave everything he had, and she took it all.  The more she took the more she gave him in return, which made him give again.  Soon they were both lost in desperation, neither one in control of their body or mind.

Deep and fast and still they craved more until the heat flashed through them, throbbing through every ounce of their blood as their climax took hold.  There were words spoken in lovers muffles and a cry for God somewhere in the room as Charlotte leaned back against the shower wall for support and he rested his head on her shoulder. 
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J.P. Stevens


  1. This was lovely. I liked the way the pace picked up, from slow and languid to hard and fast and breathless. Great snippet!

  2. Such beautiful descriptions there,J.P :-)