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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

I Made That Face

Hello again

Just wanted to share a little something I wrote on one of those Monday afternoons, when you have so much to do but your little one is fighting their sleep...

I have this little boy
who likes to fight his sleep
I have tried everything
even counting sheep

He twists and turns
he just wont give in
I tug my hair and realise
it really has gone thin

"Come and have some milk"
and I offer him my breast
His big toothy grin melts my heart
as he says "Mum you're the best"

I sit back and get comfy
as he cuddles up close
"Mummy's magic milk
go on son take your dose."

His eyes begin to close
as he struggles to stay awake
I look on with open eyes
another memory to take

He's had his fill
this I truly know
as his head tilts backwards
and then he lets me go

Eyes closed peacefully
breathing a steady pace
I fill with love and pride
and say "I'm glad I made that face."

Hope you liked it.

Until next time, take care

J.P. Stevens

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