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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Sexy Snippets - Behind The Make-up

Hello and welcome to another Sunday Sexy Snippets. This weeks seven sentences are taken from my current WIP, Behind The Make-up:

She let go of him and kissed her way up his body and straddled him in the process. Beth nipped at his neck whilst she teased the top of his length with her open wetness, sliding down ever so slightly and then up again. He gripped her arse and tried to pull her down further. She teased him as she moved in circular motions with his tip still encased in her.
The motion became too much for her. With a racing heart an
d an almost savage urge, she slid down his length until his balls stopped her from going any further. The act almost stole her breath.

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Jessica Stevens


  1. Hot snippet, Jessica. I look forward to reading more of this story :-)

  2. Ohh, had to stick my head in the fridge. Grand snippet, and yes I'll look out for more of this.

  3. Phew! That was hot. Happy writing.