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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - Borrowed Time

Well hello again. Thanks for stopping by. I am back doing the Tantalizing Tuesday Tease and this week I have a little different take on it.  Usually we find a picture and then we put 200 words to it. However, in my search for a picture, I stumbled across this one. 

It was taken from Pintrest, Author unknown. 

This picture instantly reminded me of a love scene I wrote a few years ago for a WIP I started called Borrowed Times.  I never did finish this because feed back on the concept of the story wasn't so good. However, I still kept it, in the hope I would find use for it.  So today, I have revised part of the scene to go with this picture. I hope you enjoy it.

Aidan had started to run his shower and was emptying out his wash bag when Charlotte snuck into the bathroom and started to watch.

“And just what exactly do you think you’re doing?” Aidan asked as he turned round to see Charlotte hiding behind the see through shower curtain, still wearing her red and white striped pyjama shorts and white t-shirt.

Charlotte froze under his intense gaze and saw the look in his eyes turn sexy. Aiden walked towards her and pulled her into the shower with her clothes on.  

He kissed her softly along her neck, as the warm water spray ran down her front, adding to her arousal. His hands moved hungrily to the waste line of her now soaked shorts that clung to her body like a second layer of skin. Her t-shirt was in much the same state, emphasising her breasts and showed exactly where her erect nipples were begging to be touched. 

Aidan turned her around to face him and backed her up against the shower wall. She felt him hard against her groin which sent more heat pulsating between her legs. Their tongues met through parted lips. Charlotte gave herself to Aidan once again.  

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Jessica xXx


  1. I want a shower now, lol. Great tease, Jessica :-)

  2. Very hot. You have the wrong waist in one sentence, but still a good tease!

    1. Ah crap, thank you Angelica for pointing that out xx

  3. I want a shower like that. So erotic. Love it.

  4. I can't imagine why people didn't like the direction of this piece. I enjoyed it very much. You have a charming, yet erotic, way of stringing your words together that I particularly enjoy., like: "where her erect nipples were begging to be touched." It almost suggests they have and independence all their own. Loved it. xo

  5. Awww thanks Muffy, so glad you enjoyed it. It was more because Aidan belongs to another and is not really her to enjoy. However, there is a twist ;-)

  6. sensuous showers ahhhh yes what a delight to the senses.... :) nicely done

  7. This is a wonderfully imagined scene, every word written sensuously. It's a great beginning for a more expanded piece. I love this description: "His hands moved hungrily to the waste line of her now soaked shorts that clung to her body like a second layer of skin."