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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Sexy Snippets - Behind The Makeup

Happy Sunday.

I hope this Sunday finds you well.

Today, I have chosen my seven sentences from my current WIP Behind The Makeup. This scene was one of those unexpected writing moments. You know when you are writing and you think you know where you're going and then one of your characters looks at the other in a certain way... The before you know it, they have changed your plans and taken you down a whole unexpected road.

I actually really enjoyed writing this scene just because of the element of surprise for me.  I hope you enjoy it.  Remember, it is unedited.

Beth’s soft moan, as he cupped her fanny in the palm of his hand, went straight to his already growing erection. He teased her opening through her underwear with his fingers and applied more pressure to her pubic bone with his hand.
Gareth broke from the kiss and tried to catch his breath. He was trying to think clearly, but all he smelt was Beth, all he could feel was Beth. After their kiss, all he could taste was her, all he could hear were her moans of pleasure. He opened his eyes, and her beauty filled his vision. Everything for him, right at that moment, was Beth.

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