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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - The Piano

Wow, can you believe it is November already? Only seven weeks and two days until Christmas. I haven't bough a single thing yet. Not sure if I should be worried or not?
Today I have a different Tease from the last two weeks. Their story has sparked a little something in me, so I am going to use that in this months NaNo Wrimo. I have taken part in this for a few years now. Though I have never reached the deadline, I better my word count every year. Here's hoping I can beat last years word count.
Anyway, back to my tease. This is the picture:
Author unknown. Found on Pintrest

The soft sound of music woke me from my bed. It only took a moment to realise where it was coming from. I would know the sound of him stroking the piano keys like that anywhere. Matt always played when he couldn’t sleep.

I pushed back the covers and followed the sound into the conservatory. The hallways were still dark, only lit by the light coming in from the street lamps outside, but I knew my way.

As I reached the entrance to where Matt was, my breath caught in my throat. He was sat in his jeans, bare chest glowing in the dusky light, head bent low as he played his heart out on the keys.

He glanced at me and smiled as I realised is stood in my underwear.

“Come here,” he called, his fingers not leaving the piano.

As I reached the stool where he sat, I used it as a step to climb on top of the piano. I swung my legs round and laid down on my back, my head dangled down to hover just above here is fingers played. He stopped playing and moved his hands to hold my head. Then our lips met.

 I hope you enjoyed this tease. Don't forget to check out everyone else taking part by clicking on the following link:

Until next time, take care.

Jessica xXx


  1. Very nice work, Jessica. I enjoyed how it flowed.

  2. I have always loved you soft, penetrating style. This was sublte, but sensuous and romantic. You work exactly what the photo spoke in a soft rhythmic way, as if I could hear him playing the piano. Lovely, as always. xo.

    1. :-) I always look forward to your comments Muffy. You are so good for my confidence. Thank you for stopping by xxxx

  3. I love it. A piano, him in just jeans, and the room only lit by a street light. Very sensuous and romantic, beautiful!

  4. Aww, that's beautiful, Jessica :-)

  5. Very romantic. I'm glad you were inspired to write it. Good luck completing the Nano

  6. Definitely tantalizing! I also felt the air of sensuality in this snippet.