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Thursday, 12 January 2012

My Happy New Year Surprise

I have been trying to blog about my Christmas and New Year, but  recent news keeps taking the lime light, so I guess I had better write about that and then blog about the festive holidays later.

On 5th January I found out that Paul and I are expecting our 3rd Child.  Whilst we had taken steps to prevent having anymore, (even as far as booked a vasectomy) we were both extremely excited by the news.  Thank goodness we found out before he had the appointment!

We wanted to keep it quiet until we had the scan, just so we knew everything was ok.  However, I have a very clever little girl who read my pregnancy vitamins and a little boy who still thinks my legs are fire man polls and my body is a climbing frame!  Adding to the fact that I seem to be expanding at a rate of knots, we wanted to tell the children as opposed to them figuring it all out.

Their faces were amazing!  My daughters eyes sparkled with excitement and Joe bounced up and down on the floor.  Then the both sat next to me with their heads on my belly listening to the baby.  Apparently Jasmin could hear it breathing and got even more excited.  I won’t tell her that It was me breathing just yet, she’s too pleased about it J

Our son keeps stroking my tummy and telling his daddy how it should be done, which is just so cute!  This sibling excitement is new to me as Jasmin was still just a baby when we planned for Joe, but I love the way they are so caring about the baby already.

So here is a sneaky preview of my bump at 6 weeks. 

Hopefully now I can get on and write about my fabulous Christmas and the best New Year party!  Until then, take care xxxx


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  1. wow how wonderful, Congratulations. Hugs and kisses