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Friday, 30 March 2012

Interview with Jules, from Taken Identity by Raven McAllan

Hi everyone

Have I got a treat for you!  I have none other than Jules from Taken Identity here with me today.  Hello Jules.

S.M - It's so good to have you here.  How are you?

Jules – I'm fine thank you, and really pleased to be chatting.
S.M - That’s great, really glad to hear.  

So, Taken Identity. What a gripping story!  Absolutely loved the book! If it's alright with you I'd like to start at the beginning?

Jules – well (laughing) it's the best place to start

S.M. - Before Gray turned up on your door that night, you were alone.  No husband, boyfriend?  Was that your choice?

Jules - Yeah, I hadn't found someone I wanted to spend my life with. Loads of friends of both sexes, and ex-lovers who I get on well with, but there had never been anyone I remotely felt might be 'The one." So to say I was shocked when I found out Gray was married is a bit of an understatement. 

S.M. - Did you know he was "The one" from the onset, or did this develop as you spent more and more time together?

Jules - Well I took one look and thought wow! But no it developed—fast—but developed. I was adamant I wasn't going to do anything while he was married. Shows how wrong you can be.

S.M - I admire your, (what's that word, not honesty, or… ah Morals) but it doesn't always work out like that as you say.  Especially when the chemistry is so strong.  

Jules – Ha, well I'm not saying my morals actually worked, but the intention was there.

S.M - So when he turns up on your doorstep demanding to see his wife, who apparently has the same name as you.  What is your first reaction?

Jules - Where's my contacts so I can see. And ohh I bet he's lost! Could I be so lucky he's here for me?

S.M. - I have to admit the thought of someone using my name scared the beegees outta me.  But you seem to contain your emotions very well.  Are you always this level in control of your emotions?

Jules - Nope, I'm a typical celt, red headed and red tempered. But I was so gobsmacked I knew I had to behave rationally to sort it all out. Then Go off on one! And Gray kept me in er check lol

S.M – ( lol in more ways than one I see ;)  So tell us, what was it about Gray that had you week in the knees most?

Jules - Well look at him, what's not to lust over. And he has a good sense of humour, 

S.M. - Not to mention his voice...  I have to say you are one lucky lady to have captured such a hunk.  But what I wanna know is, does he have any annoying habits?

Jules - Nope. unless you call singing out of tune in the shower? And not always listening to me when I beg him to let me come. He has to be in charge. Though generally, I'm not complaining about that.

S.M -   I should think not eh lol *leans closer to whisper*  SO dish the dirt, score outta 10? 

Jules - oh 25! He is sooo inventive. What that man can do with ice cubes, and silk is no one's business. And he says I led him astray! in his dreams.. Oh he says yeah there as well.  He's watching me type my answers to you!

S.M - lol tell him to go away, this is woman talk!!! so would you share? Just kidding.  Changing the subject slightly, before things get too heated.  How did you, being a fiery red, manage to restrain yourself from launching a verbal or physical attach on Elizabeth, when she turned up at your house?

Jules - She was pregnant. And looked pathetic. no really, I gritted my teeth and thought of the fact I was hopefully finding out what happened. Once I had then I could go for the jugular!

Jules - Now Awful Adrian was another matter. Gray has to restrain me there! Or me him, ether way we were very restrained.

S.M - How is life now that sorry mess is all over with?

Jules -  Oh brilliant. Well if the puppy stopped chewing everything he can get his teeth into. It's costing Gray a fortune in silk scarves. but as I keep telling him. If he'd just remember to put them away after use. They don't have to be tied to the headboards all the time!

S.M - lmao quite a little treat for a puppy hey lol.  And of course you have the baby on the way, so exciting.  When are you due?

Jules - June. And contrary to what Gray thinks of it a girl she is not going to be Larkspur or Ophelia. I quite like Damask rose. And if i's a boy … Well def not Adrian.

S.M - roflmao Definitely not Adrian!  I take it you haven't heard from them since?
Jules - Well strangely we did. just once. To tell us she'd had a boy called Archie! Go figure.

S.M - Oh wow, that's a little bold lol. Lets hope they will stay away :)  Changing the subject quickly again, but not only are you going to a mummy but you also have a wedding to plan.  Any ideas on the date?

Jules - Not while I'm big as a house. And it will be quiet.

Gray types - Big you and the wedding

Jules - Ignore him. I want a wedding in the garden. Bono can be the ring bearer.

S.M - Sounds beautiful.  Well I would like to wish you both the very best for the future, and thank you so much for answering my questions.

Jules - You're welcome.

Gray takes over keyboard again - And please don't let her fool you. She's as bad as me for leaving scarves around.

Jules giggles - Well you never know where and when you might need them!

S.M – Always be prepared, that's my motto.  It has been a pleasure catching up with you Jules.  I wish both you and Gray all the best for the future and lots of happiness for the baby.

Jules – Thanks, and thanks for letting me chat today. If anyone wants to but my story, well Raven McAllan has written it up for me, and its over at www.nobleromance.com or on Amazon.

And there we are, the lovely Jules from Taken Identity.  I hope you have enjoyed the interview as much as I did.  Now go buy the book, it's a really gripping read, trust me.

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