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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Easter Holidays

Wow!  The Easter holidays are over and I have just about caught up on all the house work I failed to do whilst my two were at home.  My youngest has only been in school since September, but you can quickly get used to not having them both around during the day.  We have had a great time all in all, that is once they got over their endoftermitis!

We started the holidays with the birthday party of my Granny, who was 80 and still going strong.  She keeps joking about kick the bucket soon (as she so bluntly puts it), but I keep telling her she is far too stubborn to go just yet.  It was lovely to see my family again.  I saw some of my cousins for the first time in…well too long really. My two loved playing and dancing with their cousins as well, and they got to stay up really late, much to the delight of my nearly 7 going on 12 year old daughter. 

The weather wasn't really that good to be able to let the children run about and play in the parks, but we made the most of what we had.  To be honest it was really nice pulling out all the craft gifts the children have been given over time and just spending time 'doing' as there was no need to rush out the door in the morning.
Before I knew it, the holidays were ending and I couldn't help feeling, that once again, I never managed to do all the things we wanted to do, or that I had planned.  Still we made the best of it and I guess that’s what counts.

On Monday just gone, it was teacher training day, which I only realised late afternoon on Sunday.  Bonus for me as my Husband had booked the day off for our scan, which meant we got to take the children with us. J
It was very exciting for them, and us to be honest.  As we walked through the Maternity section of the Hospital, we were able to show them exactly where they were born.  Admittedly it was more emotional for me than them, but one day they will understand I'm sure.  When we were called into the room, the children were a little apprehensive about what was going to happen, despite us going over it LOTS at home and in the waiting room.  I guess the excitement of it all was too much to take in.  But as I lay on the bed and the scanner was placed on my tummy, they both looked up at the screen to meet their baby brother or sister.  The sonographer showed them all the baby's arms, legs, heart, tummy and brain, to which my daughter is adamant is not as clever as hers J time will tell lol.

After we had finished we waited outside the room for my notes to come back.  The sonographer came out with a picture for each of my children and made such a fuss of them I was welling up with pride.  It is important to me that my two children don’t feel left out with the arrival of the new baby, and he really helped by giving them the pictures and not my husband or I.  The only downside was my Son wouldn't share his picture with me, only Daddy.  Apparently I have to share with my daughter? 

Here is a picture of our baby:

When we got home they both put their pictures up in the front room so they can see the baby, which is really sweet.  The only problem was that we don't have a picture for ourselves.  When they children went to bed I have to confess to photo copping the scanned pictures and replacing their copies so that we could keep the originals safe.  So far they haven't noticed, so phew!

Anyway, we are now just over 20 weeks and I am pleased to say that everything is going very smoothly.  The scan has made everything very real now and I cannot wait until the baby arrived.  However, I do need to finish decorating a few more rooms in my house and hopefully fitting in some more writing.

So until the next update, take care and keep safe.

Love J.P.Stevens


  1. Aww how lovely. Hello new baby :D

  2. Oh how exciting for you and kids :) Hope you're taking it easy xx