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Friday, 8 May 2015

Flash Fiction Friday - Ride Home

Hello and welcome back to Flash Fiction Friday.  This is where we are given a picture of inspiration and have to write about it in no more than 100 words.  This is the picture we were given:


The low grumble of an engine vibrated in my chest. I knew the sound of his bike anywhere. Against my sensibility I turned around slowly to see Greg astride his bike, wearing his trademark red bandana. “You still pissed at me baby?”

I looked him in the eyes and folded my arms across my chest.

His deep chuckle sent tingles straight to my core and I knew right then he was going to win.

“We can waist time arguing over semantics, but either way, you know you’re going to let me ride you all the way home.”

I was gone.


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Jessica xXx


  1. Awesome Flash ... I enjoyed your interpretation of the photo

  2. Hehehe, yes she's toast. Can't say I blame her ;-)

  3. Not only liked it, Jessica - loved it! Sweet and sexy. I don't even care what he did wrong :-)

    1. Oh wow thank you Dariel, so glad you loved it. xx

  4. Love how playful he is and yet she melts in his hands. I wonder what lead up to this and why she's so put off with him. Even though he will have her with just the sound of his bike. Great flash!!

  5. He has that look about him. Great flash