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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Thursday Tasters - Yoseph

Hello and welcome back to Thursday Tasters.

This is where we post a snippet of our current work, with no more than 400 words.  This week I have chosen to give you a snippet from Yoseph, my current WIP. This is completely unedited...you have been warned.

“Alana, are you ok?” Nick asked. She felt his hand on her cheek but she couldn’t speak.

“I can’t stop this bleed. Mr Valaskin, you need to take your son,” The midwife said as she expertly detached the baby from Alana’s breast, wrapped him in a towel and handed placed him in Nick’s arms. “We have to get your wife into theatre. We can’t stop this bleeding.”

Alana’s mind was full of pictures of people. Memories of her past flashing through her mind. There. She focused on the image. A boy was laughing at her. She focused on his face, and there were the eyes she was so desperate to find. Her brother.

“Yoseph,” Alana mumbled out unconsciously.

“Yosheph? You want to call our son Yoseph?” Nick spoke to Alana as the midwives started to pull her bed out of the room. “We’ll call him whatever you like, just stay with my baby, okay?” Nick pleaded as he walked alongside her bed.

“You have to stay here Mr Valaskin.” Someone will come and see you shortly.

Yoseph, where are you? Alana searched her memories but try as she may, she couldn’t find him. She felt alone and scared. I need you Yoseph.

“Her heart rate is high and she’s losing a lot of blood,” A voice in the distance said. Alana couldn’t focus any more. Her mind went blank.

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  1. No! You can't stop there! Please tell me there is more next week.

    1. For you I will defo put some more on next week xxx thanks Angelica

  2. Oh my god, that's so terrible! And where is Yoseph?