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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Sexy Snippets - Behind The Makeup



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I thought I would give you a little sneak preview of my up coming release, Behind The Make up. This is due for release from Sirebookstrand on 5th May. So here are my Sexy Seven Sentences:

She stood up from the sofa and found the zip at the side of her dress. With all this heavy breathing, she found her dress too restrictive. For a second she hesitated under his intense gaze as she remembered what her dress concealed. Then she saw the effect she was having on him rise in his crotch. She undid the zip and pealed herself out of the dress to reveal herself in full form.

She blushed as his mouth opened in shock.
“You wear nothing under dresses to perform in?”

Here is the blurb:

Elizabeth Rhey is a world class singer who has come home to North West London to complete the final dates of her last tour. Then her way word brother gets in trouble with the police again, and she is about ready to wash her hands of him. Only he’s dead. She finds herself caught up in a police investigation, where her past secrets catch up with her. 
Gareth Buchanan is Beth’s bodyguard. It wasn’t his chosen career, just one he landed on after taking a break from the police force. When Beth’s brother is killed and the investigation around his death unravels, he finds himself getting very close to Beth. With a desperate need to protect her, Gareth is forced to confront is own ghost.
Both their lives are turned upside down as they find out who is behind her brother’s death. Can they face their past to find peace for their future?

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  1. Extremely sexy. Love your snippet Jessica

  2. Delicious snippet. I loved that last line it encapsulated shock very well.

    1. lol Thanks Daisy, glad you liked it.

  3. I can so picture this in my head, and what a minx, lol :-)

    1. lol Thanks exactly what he calls her next ;-)

  4. Love that last line. Great snippet, Jessica.

    1. Thanks Kiru, so glad you liked it xx

  5. Love the surprise at the end - great snippet!