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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Thursday Tasters - Yoseph

Hello and welcome to Thursday Tasters.

This is where I get to share 400 words of my current work in progress, so here goes.

I am currently working on two manuscripts, but today I am sharing a snippet from Yoseph, which is the follow on from my first publication Alana.
 This is unedited, so bare with me.

Ayasha pulled her T-Shirt out from the waistline of her jeans and pulled it off over her head. Then she toed off her shoes and wriggled her jeans down her thighs. The anger that was bubbling in the pit of her stomach rose up another notch and thoughts of Joe. The one man she wanted. The one man she couldn’t have.
Ayasha flicked her head back, her long black hair slapped her back as it connected. Then her body started its painful transformation. Her fingers shrank back and into paws at the same time as her nose and mouth stretched into a muzzle. The shoulder joints and hip joints clicked out of socket as she got down on all fours, and then realigned themselves. He body sprouted thick black glossy hair that shimmered blue in the sunlight. The pain of the transformation was over. Now she could run off her anger. She had repress the desire to howl out. Joe would hear it and there was no way her grandmother would approve of her showing him what she really was.
She ran flat out on all fours trying to shift her thoughts from her mind. Even in wolf form she still thought of Joe. Ayasha weaved in and out of the trees and she made her way to the lake. She could smell the fresh water and hear the trickling of the stream in the distance. The trees thinned out and she could just about make out Joe sitting by the wooden shack fixing the hole in the fishing net. Her grandfather was nowhere to be seen.
Joe was hunched over, his brown curly hair blew in the breeze and his eyes squinted in the sun. Stubble covered his jaw that was held tight in concentration. The white T-Shirt he wore was tight against his chest, showcasing his rippled abs. With her gazed fixed on Joe, she hadn’t notice the transformation back to her human self.
Joe looked in her direction and she did her best to hide behind the bush. She wasn’t sure if he had noticed her, but thought it would be best to walk away quickly.
I hope you enjoyed the snippet. Ill be back next week with a little more.
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  1. This is a wonderful start. I like how you incorporated sensory details like this one: "shoulder joints and hip joints clicked out of socket"

    Makes me squirm at the thought - ouch. I laughed when she turned back human

    1. I must admit they made me cringe hen I pictured it in my head lol Thanks for commenting xx

  2. So far so good for not letting him see her this way. Now she is totally naked in front of him. This promises to be fun.

    1. I promise next week will get a little more *fun* ;-) Thanks for stopping by

  3. impressive opening .... I like the imagery of this story