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Friday, 11 October 2013

Flash Fiction Friday - Moonlight

Yay, it's finaly Friday! Is it me or has this week taken soooo long to end? Anyway I am back with another Flash Fiction Friday, and as always, I am supposed to stick to 100 words.
This is the picture we are all working on:

That's a pretty hot picture right? So you know what is going to follow right?You have been warned!

The fine mist spray droplets were illuminated by the moons rays, as it covered our bodies with a welcoming coolness. Our breath was short, shallow and desperate as we began our climaxed. “Oh god, yes, that’s it,” I cried as hot blood pumped right to my core. I tightened around his length and he pushed hard and fast sending me right over the edge. I milked him for every drop he offered and then slowly leaned up and back against his chest. Cheek to cheek, he massaged my breasts and I closed my eyes as he feather kissed my lips.

I would also like to add that I have managed to hit the 100 word mark exactly. * feeling chuffed*
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I'll be back on Sunday for my Sexy Snippets, but until then, take care.
J.P. Stevens


  1. And may I say you hit the 100 words in style!

  2. Wow, I love that you went straight for the heat. Hot and sexy in just 100 words. Very nice

  3. !00 words, exactly? I am proud of you, JP!! Hot and juicy.:) xo

  4. 100 smokin' hot words. I LOVE it! :D

  5. You wrote so very much in just 100 words, capturing a love scene very well done.

  6. *fans self* and Whoop on the exact word count :-D

  7. Wow, that one erotic piece you've wrote, coming from an author of romance. I enjoyed it!

  8. WOWSER!!! Hot!! I love the detail you gave each moment. *fans face* Is it warm in here? lol