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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Sexy Snippets - More Alana

Hello again. Sorry it's been a while, but I have finally managed to sort out my laptop. *does the happy dance*

Since the last time I was on here, I have now finished Alana. *another happy dance* This is such a big moment for me because this is my first manuscript that has slowly been written over a period of two years. Not a constant write for two years, as I have written other stuff in between, but two years, almost to the day.

So I feel it only fair that this weeks snippets is taken from Alana.

With a small shuffle forward, and a push with his feet, Nick was traveling forward through the air, with Alana held tightly in his arms. As gravity started to take hold and pull them down, Nick tried to shift his body underneath Alana. With the added weight of Alana, they fell faster than he anticipated. He pulled his elbow, which cradled Alana’s head, in towards his chest, then used his shoulder to break the fall. A sharp shooting pain went up to his neck as his shoulder made contact with the mattress and he rolled onto his back to help take the rest of the impact. He knew he had landed awkward and damaged his shoulder, but that didn’t matter right now.

Nick pulled the sheet from Alana’s face. She wasn’t breathing.

Well I hope you liked the snippet, please leave a comment and don't forget to pop by all the other authors taking part in this weeks sexy snippets.


Until Next time, take care.

J.P. Stevens