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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Sexy Snippets - Alana

Hello and welcome back to Sexy Snippets,. I hope you are relaxing this Sunday. 

I am going to do another snippet from my current WIP, which now has a name.  Book one of The Sworn Protectors is called Allana.

She has a supernatural power of being able to control the minds of animals and communicate with them with her mind.  With such a power, other super natural's, such as animal shifters, have tried to eradicate her species. They almost succeeded. Her mother and brother were killed when she was 11 and since then she has been living away from her father in the hope that her identity will be hidden.

That is until now.  She is a grown woman living in the New Forest, where she works as a conversationalist.  She has been part of a projected to re-introduce wolves back into the wild.

Here is my inspiration of Alana.

Angie Harmon.

Anyway, onto my snippet.

Naked, but for her matching white panties, Nick turned her against the wall.  He kissed her neck as he cupped her breast.  He loved the sound of her sharp intake of breath as he teased her nipple between his fingers.  He directed his kissed down to her breast as he helped himself to a mouthful. Alana moaned as his teeth grazed her nipples and his long, hard length pushed against her moist panties.  She lifted one leg allowing him to move against her, as her breathing became deeper and irregular.  The heat of passion made their skin glisten as Alana gripped Nick's hips and pulled them against her.
They both moaned out as the tip of his shaft pushed into her wetness slightly. 

So there you have, my seven sexy sentences. I hope you enjoyed them.

Next week I will be bringing you some sentences from a published piece of work, but until then, take care.

J.P. Stevens


  1. Hot snippet, J.P. and I love the premise of this story!

  2. Sexxxyyy! Phew. You need to hurry up with your story. I want to read the rest. :)

    1. Oh wow Kiru, thank you so much. I will. If it is the last thing I do I will finish this story this year! xx

  3. Fabulous, JP. I need more now. :-)

  4. Love the idea behind this story the next British Sooky Stackhouse like series I hope ....

    1. :-) Thank you very much Alannah. No pressure ;-p xx

  5. Replies
    1. Glad you like it Tara, thanks for commenting. xx

  6. Phew, that was hot! And I loved the premise of the novel!

    1. Thank you very kindly Elyzabeth, and thanks for stopping by. xx