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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Sexy Snippets

Happy Sunday, you know what that means... Yep Sexy Snippets :-)

Again my seven sentences are taken from my current WIP:

He stepped back from the counter and slid off his jacket.  Alana watched, swallowing slowly as he unbuttoned his shirt.  He glanced up at her face, eyes locking on hers as he grinned back at her.  Alana knew his eyes held a challenge, daring her to watch.  The fact he undressed seductively and she was enjoying watching him was an added a bonus.  As he peeled off his shirt, Alana noted how much his body had grown since they were younger.  Nick’s torso was hard, rippled with muscles and covered in silky smooth skin.

I have to say the thought of Nick right now has me smiling. I hope he has the same effect on you.

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Join me back here next Sunday, until then, take care.