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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Sexy Snippets - Behind The Makeup

Hello and welcome back to this weeks #SexySnippets. Today I am taking my snippet from Behind The Makeup, so here are my seven sentences:

Beth gave him her best innocent girl look before she pulled the

pins out of her hair, allowing her chocolate locks to cascade down her


"Oh my god, you’re a little minx," he replied before he leapt up

off the sofa and made a grab for her. Beth giggled as she dodged out

of the way of his grasp. As fast as she was, she was no match for

Gareth’s agility. He caught her around the waist and pulled her tight

against his frame. He placed featherlight kisses on her nose, across

her cheek and down her neck, sending shivers of awakening through

her veins.

"I’m going to take my time with you, Beth," Gareth said before he

pulled her down onto the floor.

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  1. These two are in for a fun time. I want to read more about it. Great snippet

    1. 😊s so glad you enjoyed it Naomi xx

  2. Lovely snippet. Sexy romantic and I'd like to see more.

  3. I love this playful and sexy snippet, Jessica.

  4. A delicous snippet full of promise of things to come :-)