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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Thursday Tasters - Day Off

Hello and welcome back to Thursday Tasters. this is where we showcase a piece of work from either a published piece, or a Work In progress aka WIP. No more than 400 words.

This week I wanted you to meet Di. She is the heroine in my current WIP Day Off. I have completely fallen in love with her, and I hope you will too.

“Oh for god sake,” Dianne muttered under her breath. In her rush to get out the front door, the wind had blown a gust up her skirt trapping it as she shut the front door. Its entanglement only noticed at the sound of the material ripping as she went to walk away. “This is all I flaming well need.”

Di turned back to face her front door and insert the key into the lock. Her skirt was free but the damage was irreparable. She closed the door behind her and pulled up her sleeve to reveal the dial on her watch. Late was an understatement. Not wanting to waist any more time, Di started to unzip her skirt as she walked down the hallway of her flat, heals thudding against the wooden floor, as she made her way to her bedroom. Her skirt slid down her thighs, revealing her long slender legs and almost tripped her up as she walked far too quickly as the skirt reached her ankle. Di reached out and grabbed the door frame with each hand to save herself from falling arse over tit. She took a moment to take a few long, slow, steady breaths. “What the hell am I gonna wear now?”

Di kicked off her skirt and one of her high heels went flying off with it, straight into her full length mirror. She scrunched her eyes shut at the sound of the glass shattering into a thousand pieces.  Di exhaled deeply and rested her forehead on the doorframe. “For fuck sake!” The frustration bubbled through her veins with an uncontrollable heat.

Screw work, he doesn’t give a shit about you anyway. Di knew this was her irrational side talking. She couldn’t possible take a day off work. Or can I? “Fuck it,” Di said aloud as she walked down the hall to her handbag and grabbed her mobile phone. His number was the last one she had dialled. She noticed that he was the only one in her call list apart from her mother. The frustration was fast becoming anger. More aimed at herself if she was honest. She had let her work consume her life. Not anymore.

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  1. So nice to have you back and read your easy style again. Yes, I think we will all love Di, as we can ALL identify with her. One of those days is and understatement!! Life can be a bitch but this is a delicious excerpt. This is sooooooo every woman! <3 xo

  2. She is miffed! Great depiction of emotion.

  3. Poor Di sounds really exasperated. I can see why you love her, she's a wonderful character. Great taster

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  5. Good for her making a stand and, hopefully, taking some time out. This snippet pulled me right in.

  6. 7 years of bad luck, outch! I agree that she'd better stay home today.